10 years experience in the health & fitness industry

II began studying pilates 8 years ago, it stood out to me as an exercise regime for everyone from the professional athlete to the individual with complex injuries and disabilities.

For me physical and mental well-being are deeply connected so I also practice mindfulness. I make sure I regularly get as much time outside in the countryside be it walking, jogging and gardening. I encourage all my clients to do the same. The connection between our physical state with our emotional mind should never be underestimated as it is the key to our over all health.


I work from home in my beautiful Studio in Malvern, Worcestershire which I use for pilates, meditation, mindfulness and Art, I am surrounded by my garden which I enjoy being able  to share with my clients. I have a passion for plants be it flowers Trees and Growing vegetables . Working from home allows me to spend time doing all the things that make up my wellbeing, and helps to encourage clients to take up more than just Pilates.