Why I became a pilates instructor

My interest in fitness and a healthy lifestyle began after my daughter was born 21 years ago! I call it a lifestyle because I really feel it shouldn’t just be a quick fix it should be a continued commitment to ourselves and it doesn’t just involve one thing, it really is a combination of  the right types of exercise , good nutrition and relaxing properly. Taking good care of our mind, body and our soul, all these things contribute to our well being.


After I had my daughter I was overweight and didn’t recognise my body, I also felt I had lost tone and strength so I began to walk every day in the country side with my daughter in her push chair and I began reading and learning about food.

This led to eventually studying for a qualification in personal training and weight management, after this I spent 3 yrs working in a gym with one to one clients, I found all of us in some way suffer from aches and pains our different types of lifestyle cause us problems with our backs and our joints. This is when I went onto to study Pilates for me it made sense, I had spent a number of years doing hard pounding exercise and after suffering with knee problems and a back injury I wanted an exercise regime I could do no matter how strong or weak I felt , that would look at my body as a whole and care for it properly.

I have been working with clients teaching one to one Pilates now since 2009, I also advise on their lifestyle and nutrition. I encourage everyone to get outside into nature as much as possible this helps heal us in so many ways. By using a combination of Pilates, wholesome nutrition, plenty of fresh air and gentle cardiovascular exercise we can achieve a healthy body, mind and soul.