• Emily Jeffs

Lockdown activities

This is a very surreal time for everyone, i have been trying to think of what to write about there is so much to say.

For now like every body my malvern pilates classes have been postponed till we are all out of this uncertain time.

I have been worrying about all sorts of things how different people will cope. I feel fortunate to have a lovely home with a garden i can spend time in.

Starting each day with a routine really helps me , i get up early and do my 1 hr of exercise by taking my dogs round the field and then i do my 30 minute pilates routine in my studio.

I am then ready for work which at the moment is writing individual pilates routines for my clients.

The garden is a great way of getting some air and piece , watering the salad seeds and spinach. Even the green beans i have started off and some sweet peas .

I have also been researching and making new recipes for healthy snacks and meals as its so easy to turn to eating more food when we are at home.

I will share some recipes over the next few weeks , this evening is going to be a spicy morrocon lentil stew as today it is cold again.

Wrap up warm in your gardens and stay safe

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