• Emily Jeffs

Malvern Pilates , Autumn and Winter Energy

This murky Monday morning i have started with a short walk in the rain up the Malvern hills and have done a 15 minute Pilates stretch in my Malvern Pilates Studio. Why ? because its so important to keep moving even when the weather is dark, wet, cold and grim

Autumn and winter are beautiful  but with dark mornings and dark evenings are energy quite rightly suffers . It is so important to get out there into the fresh air and countryside and to adjust our expectations of what we expect from ourselves in terms of our exercise plans. My small Pilates classes that I hold in Malvern Worcestershire are perfect for anyone wanting to be kind to there body and gentle while still developing core strength , improved posture and a sense of general well-being.

It is also essential to keep moving even when are energy is low , it actually encourages us to feel more energized in these darker months , it helps to prevent back problems and keeps us on track with any rehabilitation training we should be doing and of course our over all goal to stay fit , strong and supple.

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