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One of the hardest things in times like these for me is motivation. I dont find blog writing an easy thing to do , im much more of a practical doing sort of person.

All of us no matter how we are doing this isolation are having difficult moments , working from home is challenging especially if you have children and even your husband at home with you, maybe you cant work from home so you are stuck at home feeling very bored and demotivated.

Im trying to share ideas on how im getting through this . I start my day with an energizing breakfast and then a long walk or pilates .

After this i get work done either blog , Instagram or study but if im not in the mood and struggling i take a walk around my garden , i plant a few seeds or i do some weeding this usually helps to change my mood, then i can refocus back on my jobs .

After noons i always schedule something as a treat either a walk if i havent done one that morning , or making something healthy and tasty such as my raspberry oat bars, it could even be as simple as planting a geranium in a pot for the front door. Last week i did my work in the morning for my pilates studio workout and then decided that as a treat i would cut the lawn.

These are all small ideas and simple things to do , different ways of scheduling your day that may make this time pass easier . It wont always work but learning its ok to have difficult days or moments and this time will pass should keep you going.

I hope ive helped if only in a small way , take care and stay safe .

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