• Emily Jeffs

Pilates for Hip Flexor Tendonitis Malvern Worcestershire

Good Morning Everyone , I have been thinking about the different topics and information i can share with you that you may find useful.

I realised i have a perfect topic, we moved into our new home in Malvern about 2 years ago it has needed so much renovation from the inside of the house to the garden and the building of my Personal Pilates Studio. Like many people we are doing this on a small budget so we have both done as much of the manual labour as possible at the same time as working, for me that has meant still teaching my Malvern small pilates classes.

This has meant i have picked up a very annoying injury Hip Flexor Tendonitis !!!

Now if you have ever suffered from tendonitis you will know exactly how frustrating and how long it drags on for. So im on a strict rehabilitation program using a combination of Pilates rehabilitation exercises and small gentle walks that have included some gentle slopes up and down with flat sections in between.

One of my absolute passions is to hill walk so this injury really has affected my ability to walk any kind of hill . My goal is to be able to get back to scotland next year and walk in those majestic mountains, So my Pilates rehabilitation program combined with my gentle walking gradually increasing the load is key to my end Goal.

I will keep you updated with the exercises i am using and how i progress, this i feel is another demonstration of how Pilates can be used.

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