• Emily Jeffs

Pilates Tailored programs , Hip Flexor Tendonitis

As Part of my Pilates Rehabilitation for my Hip Tendonitis, i have been using a resistance band to build up the strength in my leg. By tailoring the Pilates exercises to my own needs i have been performing sets of straight leg raises with my leg in a resistance band . Sets of 10 were recommended but at the beginning my leg was so chronic i couldn't manage this, so i dropped the sets right down to 5 repetitions and now 4-5 weeks on i am performing 15 sets of Pilates Rehabilitation leg lifts combined with slow knee lifts also using the resistance band.

When Teaching my small Pilates Malvern Classes i am now able to join in with the 1 leg bridges that the class members are performing. Pilates Can be changed in what ever way is needed to support and strengthen any injury an individual has , this means it really is for everyone. If you are committed to your exercise and health you will know how injuries and everyday tiredness can crop up and make us feel like we are held back , with Pilates there is always something you can do . Please get in contact if you are interested in Malvern Small Pilates Classes or Individual Tailored Pilates programs

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